Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How Can You Implement Innovations in the Food Industry?

Nowadays, the term “innovation” is increasingly used in all science fields. It has been developed into a trendy word that is referred whenever discussions focus on forthcoming developments or future perspectives. Nevertheless, despite its frequent usage, innovation is neither easy to specify and nor to identify. What does innovation truly represents? It is a new idea that when implemented, leads to a more effective process, product, service or technology. Innovation provides better solutions that meet advanced, unaddressed or existing market needs. It can be considered as a breakthrough that provides a different way of thinking, consuming or living. However, the key element of innovation is the precondition noted above: “when implemented“. Without implementation, “innovation” turns back to the “idea” status.
Food industry is facing technical and economic changes in spite of society, manufacture and food processing. This fact has affected significantly the entire food supply chain (e.g. distribution of food to the consumers), forcing companies to pay high attention in food products that meet the consumers’ demand for a healthy lifestyle. As a consequence, there is an extensive dialogue about the need of food industries to introduce innovations in the market in order to survive competition.
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