Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Clean label is the major concern for EU food firms - What about ecological footprint label?

The reduction of sugar and the removal of additives are currently the biggest headaches for the European food industry, according to new research.
Almost half (48%) of the 50 companies interviewed by ingredients consultancy Giract said that sugar reduction is a challenge – the majority of them seeing it as a “hot” issue.
But this isn’t the only socio-ethical challenge keeping them awake at night. Demand for ‘natural’ labelling, fat reduction and the removal of additives were also of major concern for a third or more of the businesses surveyed.
Almost two thirds (64%) said the concept of clean label is an issue – and a major one for almost one in two (46%). 
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Of course clean label remains a major concern for the food 

industry since food waste is "well-settled" below the carpet. 

If authorities uncover it, ecological footprint label or a new 

food waste recovery label would be of priority, too. 

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